Multilingua Language Services offers translation services from six different languages to Swedish, as well as proofreading, post-editing and other language services. Our ambition and goal is to deliver high quality translations in accordance with our client’s needs. Everything from user instructions for products, news letters and trade magazines – we’re here to help you.

We value quality

When choosing Multilingua for your translation project you are guaranteed to receive consistent texts tailored to your needs. Our team always performs a thorough quality assurance by internal proofreading and we never make compromises regarding the quality of our work.

Our shared knowledge – our strength

We believe there is a lot to gain from sharing knowledge with each other in our line of work. Our team has experience in a variety of subjects, and we can assist you with texts regarding everything from automotive and medicine to tourism and consumer products.

Technical aids for quick deliveries and affordable translations of high quality

We work with several different CAT-tools which allow us to offer quick deliveries and affordable translations – without affecting the high quality. Contact us with your project and we will help you to find the best solution for your translation needs!